a focus on stories

on sharing them and engaging with them

‘All Light is Fire’ is the place where I publish my photography and words. I find my photographic passion and focus points toward street portraits and the intimacy of connection.

Why the name All Light is Fire? I believe everything that exists, everything we can bear witness too, everything that lives within us or outside of us, some way emanates from the archetype of fire…and fire is life, fire is heat, it’s the yearning to exist, to grow to thrive. Whether vivid or faint, colourful or faded, everything in its essential nature radiates, vibrates and carries with it a desire to exist, to matter.

The golden thread that weaves through everything is stories. The stories we tell when we engage with an image and allow it to touch us, absorb us.

When an image resonates with a story when it has depth and layers, we find ourselves relating, we discover ways to meet the content, to even to fall in love with the subject – and through this, we get closer. We discover affinity, where before there was maybe none. The sense of separation and isolation to each other, to nature, to past and future dissipates.

My mission is to bring souls closer together through making their portraits and telling their ‘Heroes Journey’.